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Here at RTR we started life as just a ratings service, providing advanced statistical analysis of all UK and Irish racing, we even throw in a few group class races from overseas when we feel there will be enough interest in it, and with our new and improved RatingTheRaces version 3.0 we have taken horse racing ratings and statistical analysis to a whole new level of accuracy. However we understand that not all punters have the time to use the data provided to best effect. As a result we now have two highly successful services to meet the needs of all types of punter.

This service is the backbone of RatingTheRaces, we have the most advanced algorithm for the objective analysis of horse racing data, and the results of this are presented in an extremely easy to use colour coded ratings spreadsheet. As part of this spreadsheet we provide our predicted value odds based 100% on statistical analysis, this factors in no betting exchange market support to ensure that we do not follow the masses and as a result lock in more value for our members. These Value odds are the key to identifying bets worth following, regardless of whether your game is backing or laying selections. However we appreciate that not all punters have the time or patience to use these effectively. Fortunately for our members the RTR team is extremely experienced in making this data work for you, both in terms of the supplementary tipping services and general advice. Furthermore this service is constantly been upgraded to provide more accurate Ratings for our members.
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Top Tips

This service is aimed at punters who cannot place bets every day of the week possibly due to work commitments. The team is very excited about how well this service is performing, but they have been putting in the hours to achieve these results. This service is focused on the big race days only, including every Saturday and the big festivals. With the selections being made based on our teams in depth knowledge of how the Ratings work, in conjunction with race trends, form analysis and of course always factoring in the price of a given selection to determine if its price outweighs its chance and if it should be advised to our subscribers.
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Join today and you too can supercharge your bets. With our price plans you can receive both the RatingTheRaces Ratings and Top Tips for as little as 78.7 pence per day or 15.85 pence per meeting!


This service utilises our teams in depth knowledge of how the ratings work combined with intelligent staking methodologies to provide its members with a staggering amount of profit. This service places bets most days but since it is a multiples service it is always looking for that next big win, currently in 2013 this service is showing a 65.26% return on investment (ROI).


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Did You Know?
On average over 62% of all races are won by a horse in the Top 3 of the RatingTheRaces ratings!

RatingTheRaces Ratings analyse over 80 different parameters to form this accurate analysis! Of these 80+ parameters only the 35 most important are displayed on the ratings to keep things concise and easy to read.

One parameter which we refuse to take into account is betting market support, by not being influenced by the markets it ensure we achieve more bigger price winners and do not follow the masses.

The algorithm that creates the RatingTheRaces Ratings, is constantly being updated to bring about more improvements resulting in higher and higher accuracy for the Ratings

RatingTheRaces strictly limit the number of people who can be subscribed to the Ratings at any one time to preserve the value of their analysis for both our members and the RatingTheRaces team.

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